Being small, dyslexic, and a dancer of many years, I feel quite awkward dancing the traditional role of male partner. I like “the man” to be the leader, so that I can carouse and play and horse around without having to worry about where we are going. When I choose to “be on the right,” I want someone to be there at the end of a swing, grounding me rather than following me. I also do not want to be responsible for steadying my partner. So, the “male/female” roles have different expectations attached to them. If that is a clear part of the “right/left” positions, fine; it doesn’t matter who is which. It is all about the definitions and clear communication. I would prefer to “swing” (for example) with a strong-armed woman than a limp-armed man.

The bottom line is that there is nothing better than dancing–contra, line-dancing, waltz, or bop — with good partners. That pretty much takes the cake in life!!